Dr. Martin Burger, one of the Most Experienced LASIK Surgeons in the Country.

When it comes to your eyes you want it all. Dr. Burger agrees with you.

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Dr. Burger has successfully performed over 57,000 LASIK procedures and has helped more people achieve 20/20 or better vision than any other surgeon living in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, or Kentucky. Dr. Burger is committed to providing the best possible visual results for each and every patient. Dr. Burger is often quoted as saying “ I measure my success by my patients visual outcomes”. Dr. Burger says what he enjoys most about performing LASIK eye surgery is hearing all the stories from his patients that so excited about their NEW VISION. Our State of the Art LASIK Center is one of the only LASIK centers to offer patients all of the following Laser Technlogies: Scanning, Flying Spot, Custom Cornea, and Wavefront. If you’re serious about achieving your best possible vision with the highest patient satisfaction then you want to have your procedure performed by the surgeon who has helped more people achieve 20/20 or better vision after LASIK than any other surgeon living in Florida, Indiana, Illinois, or Kentucky. That surgeon is Dr.Burger. Doctors, pilots,, engineers, and others who depend on their vision for a living have selected Dr.Burger as their surgeon of choice. His results match the best in the world.


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