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Affordable LASIK is Here

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Now that there is financing options for almost any budget, the incredible life changing benefits of LASIK has now become affordable to many people that otherwise couldn’t afford LASIK.

Experience FREEDOM from Glasses and Contacts

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LASIK is the most popular elective procedure in the history of medicine. LASIK is a great solution for people who want to reduce or eliminate their dependence on glasses or contacts lenses. LASIK is a great choice for anyone whose lifestyle or occupation would be improved by reducing their dependence on their visual appliances, whether these are distance glasses, reading glasses, bifocals, or contact lenses.

$0 Down, 0% Financing on LASIK

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We understand that in today’s economy it may be difficult for people to afford their LASIK procedure. We provide many excellent financing options, 0% interest plans and low fixed rate plans from 24-48 months. Learn more here or call us for more information.

(Final approval for any of the financing plans is subject to the patient being approved by the financing companies we utilize.)

Special offer: $400 OFF PREMIUM LASIK

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LASIK is even more incredible with these special offers. We want you to be able to enjoy the incredible life changing benefits of LASIK today. For this reason we are pleased to present you the following special offer: for the month of September, you can enjoy $400 OFF Premium LASIK. Just print this paragraph out and bring it with you the day of your procedure and present it when you make your payment.

Save Tax Money With LASIK – Flex can Pay for Your LASIK

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If your employer offers it, A Flexible Spending Account(FSA) can be used to pay for your LASIK procedure. A flex account is money taken out of your paycheck BEFORE TAXES and set aside in a fund specifically for medical expenses. A Flex account saves you money by reducing your income taxes. The benefit is that you increase your spendable income which can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year. Any expense that is considered a deductible medical expense by the IRS and is not reimbursed through your insurance can be reimbursed through a Flexible spending account. This includes LASIK eye surgery. Ask the

Human Resources department how Flexible spending works at your company.

Health Spending accounts(HSA’s) can also be used to pay for LASIK procedure.

Another possible way to save money when undergoing LASIK eye surgery is to deduct the cost of your LASIK procedure on your taxes. If your medical expenses reach 7.5% of your income in any given year the price of your LASIK may be deductible for tax purposes.

Mary’s Testimonial

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 Visual Acuity Before: 20/400

After: 20/20

Surgeon: Dr. Martin Burger

Procedure: Lasik

Patient’s Testimonial:   I’m totally amazed at how easy it is to obtain perfect vision. The procedure was so much easier than I expected. I love not getting rain or smudges on glasses. It’s a miracle because when you are a kid you expect to wear glasses the rest of your life. Thank you.

Confused about where to go for Lasik Surgery?

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We find that a lot of patients are confused by all the information they read on the internet and that they are told about at different LASIK centers about the different laser technologies and all the different procedures available such as; LASIK, EPI-LASIK, PRK, LASEK, I-LASIK, Wavefront, Custom Cornea , BLadeLess LASIK, etc. At our center’s we take the confusion out of the process for you. Our entire focus is on outcomes and achieving the best possible visual results for you as a patient. Instead of getting caught up in all the hype and marketing surrounding a specific procedure or laser technology you need to ask yourself what is my real goal that I want to achieve after refractive surgery?

The answer to that question should be I want to achieve the best vision possible after the surgery and be able to see 20/20. With this in mind wouldn’t it make sense to then seek out the surgeon that has helped more people achieve 20/20 or better vision than any other surgeon in your area. We have seen patients that have hurt by LASIK eye surgery and every one of those patients have said they wished they would have spent more time researching the experience of the surgeon that performed their eye surgery! Fortunately for you, you have come to the right website because Dr. Burger has helped more people achieve 20/20 or better vision than any other surgeon living in Florida, Indiana, Illinois, or Kentucky.

What is most important thing I should consider when trying to decide where to have my LASIK procedure performed?

Excellent question. The most important thing you should consider when trying to decide where to have your LASIK surgery performed is the experience of the surgeon that will be performing your surgery. Unfortunately some people put price as the number one most important thing when trying to decide where to have their surgery performed. Price is an important consideration but there are a lot of other variables and factors that should go into your thought process before making a decision on your refractive eye surgeon. We have seen people that have been hurt by laser eye surgery and every one of them has said that they wished they would have done more research on the experience of the surgeon that performed their eye surgery. If you buy a car that is a lemon and it breaks down you can always buy another car. Unfortunately if you choose the wrong eye surgeon and you have a problem with your vision you can’t just buy a new pair of eyes. When buying real estate there is a saying “ location, location, location” when searching for a place to have LASIK eye surgery you should think “most experienced surgeon, most experienced surgeon, most experienced surgeon”. We have found that in many instances the price is the same between the most experienced surgeon and the surgeon with less experience it’s just a matter of doing the research to find the most experienced surgeon.